Commission information and prices



If you commission me, I consider the T.o.S to be read and accepted

I DON'T : mechas, NSFW (but nude is ok), any subject protected by copyrights (include popular licenses like disney,...) and detailed background.
I DO : feral, creature, animal, anthro ... human can be done in experimental headshot only
♦ I can refuse without justifying myself.
♦ Commission can be posted on my instagram (@c.dn).
♦ You can post your commission wherever you want, but credit me with my instagram (@
No commission for commercial use is accepted.
♦ Waiting period: from a week to 2 months (I'm a student too...) except for sketch + flats commissions (from 1 day to 1 week)
Don't harass me. If you don't have news, you can ask every 2 weeks please.
You can't sell or make money (sell prints,...) with my work.

♦ Payment upfront
♦ Payment via PayPal only
♦ Prices are in euro (€)
♦ Prices shown are the basis. They increase according to the complexity of the character
♦ If you want to add an other character, double the price.
(example : an easy fullbody : 50€ → for two characters : 50 + 50 = 100€)
♦ If you cancel your commission : 50% refund possible if I only did the sketch to work on your commission. Once you validated the sketch, refund is not possible

♦ The drawing is in .png format.
♦ Background is abstract.
Confirmation after the sketch
♦ Major and minor changes possible at the sketch validation. (Can lead to a supplement in case of radical changes)
Ref sheet or illustrations are required. If you don't have a concrete representation of the character, a supplement can be added.

TO ORDER : You can send me a DM on Instagram or you can send me an email. (You can also find me on FA but I respond less quickly)

♦ Headshot ♦ 
Sketch + Flats12€

* I test new styles and techniques. It can be close to clean or in a cartoon style, with a line, more sketchy, ...

♦ Fullbody ♦ 
Sketch + flats22€
Sketch + shading36€+

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